Thursday, July 8, 2010


Elizabeth and David returned from their Tahoe trip, so Elise's first sleepover x 3 nights has finished up.  She did really well.  Of course, she's used to the crib over here since I watched her in the spring.

Back in the spring, I could plop her down on a quilt in the living room, put a few toys around here, and she was a happy little camper.  Now that she's mobile and crawling wherever she wants to go, forget her activites being confined to such a small space.  She plays with more toys in a broader area.  This pic was probably taken at the end of the day, shortly after she went to bed for the night.  Or it could have been when she was down for her nap.  Either way, I went through and picked up toys several times a day!  But that's okay, she had fun.

She doesn't pull up on her own to a standing position yet, but I think she's working on it.  She gets in this position, holds it for a bit, and plops back down again. This was actually taken a couple of weeks ago.

I can't say I've done a lot of sewing this month, but here's my latest project.  Strawberry Shortcake needed a new dress.  I made this pattern close to probably 25-28 years ago, and it was still in it's envelope in the sewing machine cabinet.  I think I probably should have allowed extra for seam allowances, but it fits ok.  I have another one cut out a little bigger and will use whichever works better.  The doll in the picture was Elizabeth's original SS.  The replacement doll (no haircut) is at Elizabeth's house, and this dress is for that doll.  I mentioned Strawberry's haircut adventure here, if you're interested.

And I got my secret sister gift for July in the mail today.  My BSS does a great job and puts thought into her packages.  This month I have a kit for a table runner, with the pieces already cut to size, and some red, white, and blue fabric.  She included a  tumbler template too (how's that for alliteration), and I might use it with the rw&b pieces.

That's it for now. :)  Don't get too hot!

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Candycane said...

LOL SS's haircut, very cute and coach like