Monday, August 9, 2010

the heat goes on...

We're still in the triple digits, but as long as I do most of my running around in the early hours things are good.

I finished the second of the James Bond series, From Russia With Love.  Another one I'm pretty sure I didn't see as a kid.  This one came out in '63 or '64, so I would have been about a freshman in high school.  The movies are fun, and sometimes far-fetched, but probably not any more so than these current ones.  I had to laugh when in one scene the old truck he was driving just missed an explosion and had dirt and smoke all over it, and in the next was shiny clean.  I'm pretty sure he didn't run through a car wash as he was continuing his escape from the bad guys.

My vacation quilt is progressing. I haven't decided on the final layout yet, and still have a couple of shadows to put on, but it's coming along. 

Robert had a birthday.
Happy birthday, son!  And as I see what a loving dad you are, I know I did something right.  :)

I missed getting a picture of him and the kids blowing out his candles, but did get one where they fell on the ground in their enthusiasm!  Dare I show it?  Ah, what the heck.  Here it is.

Have a good week.  And stay cool!

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