Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shoshone Falls comparison

In the previous post there was a picture of the Shoshone Falls in Idaho.  Carl sent me this picture from April 2009 so I could see the difference from how low it is now.  I thought it looked great as I saw it, but have to admit that when it's running full would be spectacular.

I picked up the background material yesterday for my vacation quilt.  It's from Hobby Lobby, and has the feel of a topographical map, which I thought was appropriate since I saw a wide variance in topography between the Moab Arches and the Grand Canyon.  I had used a small piece in John and Bonnie's quilt to represent the San Andreas Fault in California, (just above and to her right of her knee in the picture, diagonal from Edwards AFB) and when I saw the bolt knew I had to have it for this project.  I may come back and edit this to show a picture, but that will be after daylight comes.   I also got some of the fusible interfacing for the t-shirts that will be on it.  The design will be the shadows, very similar to Ashley's quilt from a year and half ago.

I made a start on a cq challenge using a tea cup panel.  We were provided with the panel, about 5-6" square, 2 pieces of fabric to incorporate into it, two pieces of embroidery floss, a bit of lace, and 2 charms.  Can't show a picture yet because it will be voted on anonymously, but hopefully it will do okay.  I haven't yet finished piecing it, though I've made progress.  I'd like to take it with me when I go with Robert's family to the beach in a couple of weeks, maybe I can get a few stitches in on the drive down there.

That's it for now.  Time to get some breakfast and start the day...or maybe go back to bed because it's so stinkin' early.

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