Saturday, September 18, 2010

she sings again...

I picked up Mom's Singer from getting serviced yesterday.  Since I had to cut the cord to the foot pedal to get it out of the cabinet, I knew it needed some electrical work, and he ended up completely rewiring it.  There were visible wires, and it was just time.  After all, it's been around since probably the mid to late forties. 

The cabinet needed a bit of freshening up, so I sanded down the top a bit, and rubbed in some Old English.  I wanted it to still show some age, not look pristine, and I think I got that.  There's still some cleaning up to do in some areas, mainly the metal hinges, but for now I wanted to get the machine back in.

When I brought the stool in from the other room, inside were the manual, some extra feet, and the buttonhole attachment, along with the instructions for using the buttonholer.
I've got it in my sewing room, which I admit makes it a bit more crowded, but I'll shuffle some things around to make it work. Seems hard to believe that this is the machine I learned to sew on, oh so many years ago.  Guess I've come full circle now. 

And wah lah...another project I can check off my list!


Sherry said...

Okay. What year model is she? My mother's machine - which I have now - is a 1952.

Holee said...

wow elsie, that looks just like the one my son Dave just posted on his blog. His is a model 99. He just used it for a leather project..diamond back snake on a hat. His blog is listed on my side bar as Dave.

Stephanie said...

I just love this old machine! Amazing. I learned on something like this. Steph