Saturday, October 30, 2010

check off another project!

Back in mid-September I decided to make some color rolls to hold colored pencils for the grandkids for Christmas.  I got started, then as usual life got in the way.  Well, lo and behold, today I got back to it and finished the first of the three.   I got the idea from someone's blog to color coordinate the pockets to the colors of the pencils, but changed it up a bit to suit me.  And well, to make it easier on the kids' moms.  Instead of having a ribbon to tie the roll up, I made a velcro tab.    So, here's 4 year old Ashlynn's colored pencil roll.

Here it is rolled up.

I've got two more to make.  One for 5 year old Rhett, and one for 8 year old Lily.  They're started, so shouldn't take too long.

And how about those Rangers???!!!!!  I'm not usually a big sports enthusiast, but I have to say I'm proud to see our Texas Rangers make it to the World Series.   And I've even got the t-shirt!    GO RANGERS!!

Have a good week...


Sherry said...

I saw that on the HGTV MB. I really like it. I've got to keep it in mind for when the unborn grands get old enough. ;o)

I don't do baseball at all. But I did check on the score a bit ago.

Diane J. Evans said...

Hi, Elsie!

Great project! And my thanks for reading my blog post and leaving such a lovely comment!