Monday, April 11, 2011 tree limb falls

Little miss Pollyanna here is trying to look on the bright side.  Trying to find the bright side.

The sod that was scheduled for today has got to be rescheduled.  If I can catch them early enough when they open to stop delivery for today.  If I can't, I guess I'll have to explain and refuse it.

The problem?  A tree fell into my yard.  Again.  No, not the same tree as last spring, but another bigger tree.  Yes, a tree from my neighbor's yard.  The same neighbor as the other tree.  A big storm came through while ago, and I stepped out to see how muddy it would be for the sod installation, and lo and behold, there's a tree at the porch step.   I've got to look when it's daylight, but I don't think it hit the new patio cover.   Sigh.

Funny thing is, I was just sitting out there yesterday evening, watching all the trees' leaves sway in the wind, and wondered what would happen if that particular tree were to fall.  Here's the bright side...the baby wasn't playing in that part of the yard that she loves to play in.  I wasn't sitting in the blue chair that I was sitting in just hours ago.  Nobody was hurt.  

Here's a couple of pictures.  I'll know better in the morning daylight, but looks like a big branch broke.  And it looks like the tree itself is leaning my way.  I've sent a text message to the young homeowner for her to contact her insurance, and will talk to her after the sun comes up.

Guess I should try for a bit of sleep, but somehow I don't think that will happen.


Anonymous said...

Well, thank God that you and the baby weren't out there....sounds like that tree might need to come down! Hope you got some sleep! LL

David said...

I cant think of anyone else who would not only wake up to check on her dirt, but then go back inside to blog about it at 3AM!!!