Thursday, September 1, 2011

another project

Last week Robert forwarded me an ad from Craig's old Singer sewing machine in cabinet for sale, $40 or best offer.  The picture just showed the cabinet, and the top is in rough shape.   I got in touch with the guy, and yes he still had it.  Yes, he would accept $25.  So, I got Nolene to drive over with me to take a look. 

Here's what I got.  This doesn't show the top of the cabinet, but the machine is a beauty!
Someone had painted the cabinet, probably back in the 60's.  I'd say it's a harvest gold paint color.  (eyeroll)  I may be biting off more than I can chew, but I've already started stripping the cabinet.  We'll see how long that takes and how it comes out.

The sewing machine looks to be in good shape.
I found the serial number on the bottom, not on a tag in the front as I've seen on others.  In looking up the number, it was manufactured in 1930!
I've got to do some more research, but I've not seen a machine with the little dial thing on the right front...possibly stitch length?  And I don't see anything to backstitch or sew in reverse. If anyone has any thoughts or know the answers, feel free to speak up. 

Thanks for thinking of your Mom, Robert.  :)

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Sherry said...

Great find! I have my grandmother's/mother's 1952 Singer...they are very similar. If that is like mine, it is a workhorse! When I was skinny, I made all of my own blue jeans.

And yes! You know we'll have a fun cruise. I keep looking at your Alaska cruise photos with envy. I would love to do that again!