Sunday, September 4, 2011

another year older...

Brother Carl's birthday is today.  I've said for a long time that Carl is one who will age well.  Why?  He's active, and has a variety of interests.  He rides his ATV.  He does metal work, enamelware, and jewelry making (I think it's called silver smithing). He's learned how to play the mandolin. And he's pursuing an interest in art.  He's not afraid to take classes in whatever he's interested in, and often encourages and shows others how to do what he's learned.

When I went to visit last month, I was lucky enough to latch onto a few of his pictures, with his blessings of course.  I've put them in frames, and they now grace my walls and the top of my hutch.  Here's an example of his work.  This one is in my seaside themed bathroom.

I came across this picture  the other day and forwarded it to him, knowing he likes faces with character. 
This is what he sent back to me.  He says it's not done yet, but I think she's looking good.

And this is what I came up with. 
Rather light, but maybe you'll get the idea.  And don't be too critical.  I know she's not smiling like the original, and her neck's too dark, but here's the thing...I'm trying something different.  Thanks Carl, I appreciate you.

Happy birthday!

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Florida Farm Girl said...

Carl sounds like a fun brother!! Send along a birthday hug, okay?