Sunday, October 30, 2011

ah, it's been a week

Have I got an "old into new" theme this week?

Elizabeth had a birthday.  We went out to lunch on Monday, and it's always good to spend time with this woman who happens to be my daughter.  How does old into new fit in?  In her I see a bit of me, but in a much shinier and brighter, newer if you will, version.  Happy birthday again, daughter.  (The picture is from Elise's birthday.)

I went shopping for some new shoes this week.  A couple of years ago I was gifted with some really comfortable shoes, and they now have seen much better days.  So I got some new ones in the same brand.  Continuing the theme, although it is a stretch, I took another look at my old shoes and decided with a good polish maybe they could make it a bit longer.  Maybe not new looking, but an extended life none-the-less.  No pics available, but they turned out fine and will still be serviceable as knockin' around shoes.  (Yes David, I can picture you rolling your eyes over that term, but there are those of us who understand what it means.)  :) 

And last, I entered a quilt into the Scraps to Treasures challenge over on the HGTV forum.  Everyone was given the same sets of 6" squares, and we were allowed to add a certain number of squares and fat quarters from our stash (hence the "old"), with the challenge to create a quilt.  I'm very pleased with mine.  Though it didn't place in the categories of Use of Color, Best Design, or Viewer's Favorite, it did get the write-in award!  Take a look at "Who's There?". 

If you're able to click on it and enlarge the photo, you can see of course the owl in the center, and in the surrounding row and corners, other critters or birds.  Fun project, and I look forward to doing it again next year.  To take a look at the other entries, go here.

Have a good week everyone.

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