Friday, March 9, 2012

another Friday favorite

Looking back, years ago it was hard to justify to myself that I should get something for me "just because".  You know how it is...the kids need new shoes, or an appliance needs replacing, or you're still trying to get some of the not-so-necessary convenience items.   Being frivolous was not an option.

There came a time when the kids were grown and I was the only one I had to look out for.  I found myself drawn to this vase in Mervyns department store.   I'd look at it, and go off to look at other things.  I'd look again.  Sure do like those colors.  I had absolutely no need of it.  Finally I just thought "why not", and got it.

To this day, its never had a bouquet of flowers in it, but that's ok.  I like it just the way it is, and it brings me pleasure every time I look at it.  I'd say that's $30 or $40 well spent.

What about you?  Any frivolous no-regret items in your life?


suz said...

That is a beautiful vase and I can see why you love it. And isn't it nice to be able to treat yourself on occasion.

Florida Farm Girl said...

Oh, yeah. I believe in frivolous stuff. Like you said, every time I look at it (them), I am pleased and feel good. That's worth a bunch, dear girl.

Sherry said...

Yes, it is a beautiful vase!

And to answer your question, Oh yeah! There are too many "I wish I'd..." to count. So very seldom do I pass up something "to die for."

BTW, was it you who asked me if I'd heard from Sassy? She posted on HGTV.