Monday, March 5, 2012

talking trash here

As I mentioned recently, I now have a dvd of chair exercises.  One of the recommendations is to use a straight back chair, such as one used at the dining table.  Mine are somewhat tall and rounded, and not really practical for this purpose, and they don't recommend folding chairs.  I decided to check out some garage sales to see what I might find.

Friday is trash day in my neighborhood, and as I was taking a couple of bags of weeds out to the curb, I noticed my neighbor a few doors down had set out a dining room chair.  Elise and I walked over to it, and when the neighbor came out with more trash, I asked if he minded if I took the chair.  Not a problem.  I got it home, and other than a stained cushion and a couple of wobbly legs, it looked to be in decent condition.
My trusty little allen wrench was all I needed to tighten the legs.  I found the screws that attached the cushion, and was able to remove it.   Needing some fabric to cover it with, I headed out to the store and passed a church garage sale.  I do like to plunder through garage sales, and hadn't been to one in awhile, so I stopped.  Lo and behold, I found a piece of upholstery fabric that would work just fine and it was only $1.  And I only needed half of it, so technically the repair only cost me 50 cents!

Here's my 50 cents chair.  Heckuva deal.  :)

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