Friday, April 13, 2012

pictures in stitches

What's next on my favorites?  Redwork emboidery.  I say redwork, but really I like the idea of embroidery in a single color, whether its red, blue, purple, or whatever.  I think it lends more continuity to the piece.  Over the years I have embroidered several projects.  There's so much satisfaction and relaxation in sitting down for awhile with needle and thread and seeing the picture in stitches develop.

This was a little pillowcase I made for my secret sister one year.  She really likes dragons, as well as the colors  purple, black, and orange.

I've made a few of these snowman wall hangings.  I think the redwork is the right color choice, and that the use of multiple colors would have detracted from it.
The same can be said for Santa and his bag of toys.  I've made a few of these, and one is included in my Christmas quilt.

I've probably shared pictures of all of these at one time or another, but oh well.  :)
 One of these wasn't completed at the time, and I don't think I've done anything with the finished one yet, but I think she's pretty.
I've also embroidered pillow cases for my bed, and a baby quilt for Ashlynn when she was born, but those pictures couldn't be readily found.

In the last couple of years I've also been making and embroidering handkerchiefs.  I got a rolled hem foot for my sewing machine, and that's made quite a difference from hemming them by hand.  They're not perfection like you'd get in the store, but I like the personal touch it gives.  Some are embroidered in the center, others in the corner or on the bottom.  There have been butterflies, birds, and initials, as well as one with a nautical theme. I gave several to friends for little Christmas presents, and they've gone to my HGTV secret sisters, as well as the 12 Days of Christmas swap.  Some have gone to friends who have experienced a loss, whether health or a loved one.  Here's the poem I wrote that I tuck inside. 

I’m a little square of cotton,
a humble gift indeed.
I’m always at your service
in any time of need.
Perhaps you have a sniffle,
or need to shed a tear,
or even just to wipe your glasses.
That’s okay.  I’m here.
Every stitch that touched me
was placed with you in mind.
“May God’s blessings be upon you,
dear sweet friend of mine.”

That's it for now.  Happy Friday!


suz said...

Very nice indeed. I like the poem you tuck in with the hankies.

Sherry said...

I was the recipient of one of those pretty handkerchiefs. Thank you again.