Friday, April 27, 2012

yes, that's the road

Maybe it's because I drove the freeway so many years, and in the process was in the company of an abundance of other vehicles, but these days I prefer the roads less traveled.  Does that make me a "fuddy duddy"?     Nah, I don't think so.  I prefer to think of myself as someone who knows what she wants, and does it.

 My brother Carl and I took several of the roads less traveled when we were on our summer adventure two years ago.  We went on the downtown block of a little Kansas town, as well as taking a side trip through the wheat fields.  And there were the spur of the moment stops at memorial markers and roadside vendors.  I enjoyed those highlights of the trip as much as the big tourist stops.

 When Nolene and I make our trips to Arkansas, we have a route coming home that allows us to miss quite a bit of the heavy Dallas traffic.  By taking off on this side road, there's far less traffic, but also a chance to maybe do some geocaching and take a look at some new scenery at a pace we can enjoy.  

When I was making my vacation quilt a couple of years ago, I played with the idea of a block that I named The Road Least Traveled.  It didn't make it into the quilt, but I enjoyed coming up with it.  This was my interpretation of taking off on the side road to get an up-close look at what interests you.

 Yes, the highways are good to quickly get you where you're going.  But oftentimes it's the side roads that make the trip complete.


suz said...

Absolutly agree. You never know what you'll find around the next bend on the old "blue line" highways (so called because they are the ones marked in blue on the map).

Leann said...

I too love to take the road less traveled. There you will find so much that has been forgotten. Sites that remind one of how things used to be. Enjoy those roads in life and thank you for stopping by :-)
Blessed be Elsie.

Sherry said...

I drive by the Old Coffeyville Cemetery fairly regularly!