Wednesday, September 26, 2012

embroidery again

We know I like my redwork embroidery.  I came across The Wish Quilt by Red Brolly, and this is one of their free stitching designs.  I stitched it up, not knowing exactly what I'd do with it, but decided to make it into a wall hanging and donate it for a raffle for my TOPS group.

We can see I'm not perfect in my stitching, but it is cute if I do say so myself.  :)

I hope to see if my printer will cooperate enough to print off the other designs, if not I may have to make a shopping trip for a new one. 

A fellow blogger, Dave, posted some pictures on how he converted a scanner into a light box.  I knew he had done one awhile back, and asked about it, and he was kind enough to post about the process.  Sorry to say, the old printer I was scrapping wouldn't come apart easily enough to do this.  I bought a small light box the other day using a Hobby Lobby coupon, and it sure has made it easy to get pattern designs onto fabric for embroidery.  So far I've prepared another of the Santa shown above, and I'm sure the light box will see more use.

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