Monday, September 3, 2012

sorry, can't talk about it

I finally get off my duff and get started on a project, only to say I can't talk about it.  Sigh.  Remember last year I participated in the Stash to Treasure challenge, and I might add I was fortunate enough to win the write-in vote award.  I signed up to be in it again, and have had the fabric at least 3 months.  Ideas have rolled around in my head, but they wouldn't gel.  I finally decided, what the heck, and I'm going with my original idea.  That's all I can say, but I think it will work out okay.  That is, if I keep busy and get it completely finished by my deadline at the end of September.

I got out the other night, or rather about 3:00 a.m., and got a picture of the blue moon.  Don't know about the blue, but it was really bright.  Part of that could be because I was coming out of a dark house, half asleep, and looking straight up at it.  Pretty sight though.   One of these days it will roll around again.

And since school's back in session, I'm back in my routine of keeping Elise 4 days a week.  She's growing up!  Three years old in just a few weeks.

That's it for now. Have a good week. 


suz said...

Nice picture of the moon. And good luck with the project. I know you'll get it done.

Dave said...

About making a light box ... just unplug the printer/scanner take it apart and remove all of the guts. Paint the inside with Rustoleum flat white paint for plastic. Paint the underside of the glass with Krylon frosted glass paint. Go to Walmart and get 2 "Lights of America" under cabinet strip lights. Get whatever fits, 8" or 13". They come with cords and you can plug one into the other so you'll only have one cord going out of the printer case. Mount one light on each side of the case (fiddle with the position of the fixtures for the best light) with some Scotch outdoor double sided tape, make sure that both lights have their switches turned on, run the cord out the back of the printer case and you're done. To turn it on or off, just plug/unplug it.

Dave said...

I'll try to get some photos of the light box tonight and post some details on my blog. The hardest part for me was waiting for the paint to dry :D

Dave said...

Here ya go! Have any questions, just ask!