Monday, October 28, 2013

October stuff

About a year ago I had bought a new iron.  Seems like I may have dropped the one it was replacing, can't remember.  I don't think I had it a month, and I made the mistake of putting it on felt.  What a mess!   I tried to clean it, to no avail.  It was so bad that I just bought another  new iron.  However, I just couldn't see tossing the scorched one, so I put it back in my closet in its original box with its original booklet.  After all, I hadn't had it very long.

Then yesterday Lisa and Linda were over working on a quilting project, and Lisa accidentally ironed on something that attached itself to the iron.  Linda suggested putting some table salt on waxed paper, and iron it to help removed the scorch.  Sure enough, it worked.

Seeing how well Linda's method of salt and waxed paper worked yesterday, today I pulled the iron out of the closet and gave it a try.  Can't say it worked very well, maybe a bit.  I looked on line, and found a method of using heated white vinegar.  Nothing to lose, I tried it.  Might have gotten a few particles off.  Then I figured I definitely had nothing to lose, so I dipped an SOS pad in the warm vinegar, and started scrubbing.  It came off!  

Happy days, now I have two good irons!   Its good to have friends come to the rescue, isn't it?

In recent news, Elizabeth celebrated another birthday.  Beautiful little girl, beautiful woman, beautiful person.  

 I host Bunco next month, and we always have an option of giving a booby prize...oops, guess I should be politically correct and say a consolation prize...for the person with the least winsIts hard to find items that specifically say Bunco, and I've told Party City they could make some serious sales if they would start carrying Bunco party stuff, but they haven't listened to me.  So I just made my own Bunco mug rug.  Pretty cute if I do say so myself...and I do.  :)

 Guess that's it for now.  Have a good week and safe Halloween...


suz said...

I like the Bunko mug rug. Nice use of creativity. - Karen

Holee said...

I always use SOS on my Rowenta iron..sometimes dumb is good. I never even thought it might ruin it. I always pick a stainless steal bottom so I can use SOS. Your iron looks great now :)