Wednesday, November 6, 2013

hands, strings, and news

The other day when Elise was here, she happened to put her hand on top of mine, and I wanted a picture.  She was happy to oblige and do it again.  I love seeing the difference between the young and older hands.

Remember my string quilt I was working on several weeks ago?  When I got it together, I realized it needed borders to make it a workable size, but just didn't have the heart to continue at that point.  I put it away until about a week or two ago, and was able to have the mindset to get back into it.   I've stitched the 2 side borders to a foundation, and have a good start on finishing the quilting on one of those two.  They will then be attached (remember its a quilt as you go project), and then I'll work on borders for the top and bottom.  I'm glad I put it to the side instead of just rushing to bind it as it was.
Here are the two side borders, which of course will actually be joined with the same black print that join the other blocks.

I haven't decided yet how I'll do the corners where the borders meet.

In other news, I got a bill for my newspaper subscription the other day, and it was double what it was previously.  I pay for a 6 month subscription for Sunday and Wednesdays.  As I looked at the statement, I noticed it included the digital version of the paper.  I really didn't feel it was worth paying extra for that, though I concede it could be nice.  But I'm already able to get on the paper's website and see news stories, obituaries, editorials, and quite a bit of other items of interest.   When I called to talk to someone, I was told they have included the digital service on all subscriptions now, and they couldn't separate it out.  At that, I (politely) told her I'd just cancel the service when it came to it's termination date.  I can always pick up the Sunday paper for their ads and coupons when I need it.  Amazingly enough, she told me about a special they happen to have, and I can have the subscription for $36 (less than half of the billed amount) and yes, it will have the digital newspaper included.   Works for me, but it's a shame you have to make the inquiry to get a good price.  Reminds me of the cable TV services.

That's it for now.  Hope you're having a good week.    :)

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