Friday, November 8, 2013

garage sale

Here I've been gradually picking away at the clutter around my house, and have donated sacks to charity just about every month.  So what do I come across today?  A garage sale.  Yep, you guessed it, the lady was a quilter.  She wasn't at the sale, her niece was coordinating it, and you could tell the niece wasn't a quilter.  Apparently Auntie is downsizing into a senior living center, so many things had to go. 

When I inquired if there were any quilting or sewing items, she said the sewing machine was sold, but she had some magazines and bits of fabrics and trims.  I got a sack of buttons, and a couple of little 25 cent bags of fabric, then she said I could just have the magazines if I wanted them.  We got it all loaded in my car, and I spread them out just a little while ago.  Not only are there quilting magazines, there are books, crochet magazines, a couple of patterns, and a couple of cross stitch kits.  Free.  I told her to make sure Auntie knew that it all went to a good home, someone who appreciates what she had.  I also mentioned I have a few quilting buddies, and they'll share in it with me.

Yes one is sideways, I'm too lazy right now to change it.

It was almost sad seeing the niece be somewhat cavalier about Auntie's stuff.  She was plenty nice enough, just wanted to get it out of there.   She had a big stack of puzzles, and I could have had them all for $5, but I didn't have the room...though I did get 2.   She did redeem herself in my mind though when she said there was no way she was selling Auntie's quilts.  :)

The other sad thing is that just a few months ago I went through my stack of magazines, and cleared out close to as many as I got today.  (eyeroll)  These won't be around too long.  I'll cull out articles that catch my eye (particularly interested in foundation paper piecing right now), and share them with friends to do the same.    Having cleared out a bit of shelf space, I don't want to fill it back up.

Oh well, such is life.  And yes, I'll still drop in on garage sales when one looks really good.  :)

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