Thursday, November 28, 2013

Are you counting your blessings?

Happy Thanksgiving to all.  I think this is probably my favorite holiday, a time to reflect on the good things in my life and realize how blessed I am.

I enjoyed my day at Robert and Angela's, and Elizabeth and Elise were able to join us as well before she joined David at his Dad's house.  Can't ask for a better day than to be with my kids and grandkids.
After lunch we had a bit of craft time, and the kids each made a snowman ornament for the Christmas tree.  I was so busy working with them that I didn't get a picture of their masterpieces, but we had a good time.

Recently we got together and went to see The Nutcracker ballet.  I've never been to a ballet performance.  Elise is taking a dance class, and Ashlynn has in the past, so I thought it would be fun to go.   It was put on by Ballet Frontier of Texas, and the majority of the cast were students at their school.  Such a nice way to see a performance at a reasonable price.  I'd like to go to more of their productions.

Speaking of Elise's dancing, here's a picture from her first performance.

In sewing news, I came across a cute little gnome tree ornament on fellow blogger Roolen's blog.  In fact, I'm making 7 of them for Christmas this year.  Here are the first two I've completed.  The others are in various stages, close to completion, but these two jumped to the top so I could take them for Ashlynn and Rhett to put on their tree.   By the way, if you click on the link to Roolen's blog, you'll see it's in Russian.  She has a Google translator button on the far right side, so it's easy enough to be able to read it in English.
And, final project in the works for your viewing.  My friend Linda and I are making a tshirt quilt for a mutual friend.   I've enjoyed working on it, as I've never done one with the shirts joined directly to each other.  I usually have a sashing in between the shirts.  But this is a nice change, and it's fun that she could put so many shirts in it.  This same size with sashing would have been 12 shirts.  It appears in the picture that it will have a border, but that is actually the backing fabric, there will be no border.
Okay, that's more than enough.  I really need to post more often so it wouldn't be so long!


suz said...

Nice post. Enjoyed seeing your craft work. It's always well done. Thanks for sharing. - Sue

Holee said...

Here is another one I thought you might like to make: