Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday favorite again, among other things

Brrr!   It's cold outside!  But that's helped me get a bit done, so I'm fine with it.  Especially since I was able to stock up on a few groceries ahead of time, and my electricity has stayed on.  Not everyone one was so fortunate, and many have been without power.  

Earlier this week Elise let me know she wants to sew.  She liked the idea of sewing a quilt top for her Sarah doll, so, she chose some fabric, layed the squares out in an order she wanted, and did the footwork on my sewing machine while I guided the fabric through.  Together we tied it off.   I think I now have a helper for whenever I sit down to sew.  :)
I haven't done my Friday Favorites in a long time, but looking at my sewing bag, I realized I needed to put it on here and tell it's story.   Many years ago, probably about 34 since I think I was pregnant with Elizabeth, Mom was in town for a visit.  We were browsing through the local 5 & 10, and I really liked a piece of fabric that was a lush green jungle print with a tiger on it.  It wasn't suitable for clothing, but Mom had the terrific idea of a sewing bag.  She sewed it together that afternoon, and I've been using it ever since.  I'm sure she never realized the pleasure I would get out of it.  In fact, each time I pick it up and use it, I think of her.  I'd say that in itself makes it pretty special.  In it's early years, it carried counted cross-stitch projects that I worked on during my lunch hours,and as years rolled by and interests changed,  embroidery and quilting projects were occasionally toted to work.  Since I'm retired, it can usually be found next to my easy chair, and going off to my QB Saturdays.  Who knew that a simple sewing bag could bring such pleasure?

Remember my gnome ornaments I told you about last week?  I finished up the other 5.  Two of them went to Lily and Elise's tree this past week.
 And these three will go to my little neighbor girls.
Guess that's it for now.  Stay warm, and stay safe.


suz said...

And a new seamstress/crafter is born. Good for you and good for her. Nice pix. - Sue

happeningswithLana said...

She is a cutie! Love to see your interested at such a young age.