Sunday, January 19, 2014

2014 is off to a fine start

We got our second prompt on the art journal earlier this week, "Somewhere, a simple place".  That led me to thinking that I like the road less traveled.  Give me a back road, free of the congestion of city traffic, and I'm happy.
In my sewing world, I'm pleased to say I've completed a UFO.  I started this tree skirt back in the Fall, and used it as a table topper even though it was not quilted or have finished edges.  I decided to back it with an autumn fabric, making it usable year round if I want.  I even learned how to do a binding for a reversible quilt where the fabrics are quite different, and one fabric wouldn't look the best.  Here are the binding strips using both fabrics.
This process requires a few more steps, but it wasn't too hard.  Sharon Pederson has written books on it, and has the binding technique in her videos, part 1 and part 2.  Since this topper has 8 sides, I had a multitude of times to try it out.  Each side is done individually, and you can either hand stitch the back side down, or machine stitch.  I chose to machine stitch on this one, though my preferred method is by hand.  I like how the sides come together, I may even consider it in a regular quilt.

Here it is completed, showing both sides.  I have to say it appears to stick out a bit, and I'm wanting a more drapey look.  The topper has just been in the washer, and will go in the dryer in a few minutes.  I hope it will relax somewhat...I'll let you know.  This was the first time I used a fusible batting, and that may contribute to the stiffness.  According to the package directions, washing will release the fusible properties.

This next week I hope to resume another UFO, my string quilt.  The side borders are now complete, and I've cut the foundation for the top and bottom borders.  I don't know if I can get it all together by February, but if not, surely before March rolls around.

In family news, my son-in-law had a birthday this week.  They lead pretty busy lives, but I managed to have pizza waiting for them when they came to pick up Elise.  She helped make the cake .  Happy birthday David!

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Florida Farm Girl said...

What a great idea to use that tree skirt as a table topper. Multi-use item, and it looks great. Hope it relaxes a bit for you.