Sunday, March 16, 2008

Granny and Grandpa's bear escapade

In going through files and closets and drawers to see what I can get rid of, I came across this keeper. Mom wrote this in May, 1972, as a letter to Virgil, and Sue made me a copy. After putting it back in the file yesterday, just this morning I had to think about which folder it was in. I decided it wouldn't take long until it would be forgotten in the drawer, again, and never see the light of day. If I want my kids to be able to read it in my lifetime, this is probably the best place to put it!

After Dad retired, they worked for a summer or two at a camp in Idaho. They were living in a small trailer, so small that the refrigerator sat outside on a little platform. These are her words:

"This happened a little after midnite a few nites ago.

From outside the trailer, there came a clatter.
I went to the window to see whats the matter.
Looking out I see the trees bathed in lovely moonlight
I stand for a minute, enjoying the sight.
But just in a sec another sound to my ear,
and looking again I see a BEAR.
But what is so amazing, so startling in fact...
he'd knocked our refrigerator off of the rack
laying face down, right flat on the ground.
I yelled at Grandpa, he came on the run...
but he took time to grab his old gun.
He opened the door, and stepped out in the night,
but ole Mr. Bear took off in a fright.
Mid discussion !*@! between Grandpa and me,
we lifted the refrigerator up as should be,
then opened the door and the sight you should see.
There's Grandpa in his shorts, me in my gown,
and scattered about us, there on the ground,
2 cartons of eggs, corn on the cob, tomatoes, cucumbers...
all in a blob.
Potato salad, made with such care,
spread at our feet...all which were bare.
To make matters worse, if it could be,
a spot light picks out Grandpa and me!
"Do you need any help, is everything ok?"
Then they turned the light the other way.
The vision they seen, and I don't really care,
wasn't a dream (more like a nightmare).
Me in my gown, up 'bove my knees,
and Grandpa in shorts. Why, we could about freeze.
We picked up the pieces then went back to bed
(wishing that ole bear had got a shot of that lead).
Next time, I bet we show him.
In front of the refrigerator, as the daylight grows dim,
we pull in the car, just as close as can be,
and we hope, as we turn off the light,
that we have that icebox closed in real tight.
But you never can tell, we'll just wait and see.
Maybe he can drive (but I'll hide the key).
We'll outwit him, you wait and see.
We're not beat yet...
Grandpa and me."

So is it any wonder that several in the family have an interest in being creative? It's in our genes!

(Hey Sue or Carl...if you get a chance would you scan a picture of Mom and Dad that I can add to this?)

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