Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I might have a problem...

So I stop in at Starbucks this morning on my way to work. Angie and I allow ourselves a start to the day on Mondays and Fridays, if time allows, but yesterday (Monday) didn't work out. This morning the traffic happened to flow better, and there were no tie-ups, so we had time to make up for the day before. Well. Maybe I need to cut back a bit.

We got into line, and I noticed the clerk said to the man in front of me, you're having blah-blah-blah today, right? Only she knew what it was and I wasn't paying that close attention. I snapped awake though when she looked at me and said, blended cream frappacino, white chocolate and raspberry, right? Of course, she was right.

I've turned into one of "those" people, who have to have their morning cuppa.


Elizabeth said...

oh mom... the people at starbucks are learning your drinks??? come on now..
and when did this once a week habit , turn into a twice a week ordeal? pretty soon it will be daily!

elsie123 said...

I'm very firm in limiting myself to twice a week, and sometimes just to once. Mine must be an odd combination that just stuck in her mind. Right???