Monday, March 10, 2008


Just an update on my didn't work out on the 50/50. That's okay, the right person will come. We march on.

Preparations continue. John put the lattice top on my patio (strong winds had played havoc a month or two ago), more stuff to Goodwill, a few more boxes packed, and more things trashed that I haven't used in who knows when. I have to say, that part feels good.

As a side note, I saw The Bucket List yesterday (thank you Jessica for the nudge). My first movie in quite awhile, and I really liked it. But then I like Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, can't go wrong with either of them. I'll probably get it when it comes out in DVD, but in the meantime, I recommend you see it if you get the chance.


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What is up with your daughter's picture...? That girl...I need a random one myself I guess.

I really want to see several movies that come out later this, me, and Liz should catch one together!