Saturday, March 15, 2008

this week in Alvarado

I have to say, though I think everyone here already knows, this process of moving is hard work! Yesterday and this morning I've worked in the yard. Have to maintain that curb appeal you know. The front yard is looking good. Mowed yesterday, and over the two days, I've cleaned up the planting beds by weeding and replacing mulch. I even rearranged my little yard ornaments. My nails are looking really sad and I ache all over, but the front is done. Next on the agenda is the back yard. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe not.

Enough of that!

Let's see. Oh, yes. My Starbucks saga continues. I really have cut back to the once a week treat, even though the clerk (barista?) knows my beverage of choice. And I have now advanced to the "Hey, girl!" greeting. Who knows, maybe it's comparable to the waiters that come up and say "my name is Steve and I'll be your waiter tonite". You know, all the Starbucks were closed a couple of weeks ago for an hour or two for some kind of a mass meeting or training session. I think they were emphasizing the need for personalization. I can testify, they took it to heart.

Okay, not a lot new this week. Wait! Happy birthday Virgil and Mike and Missy. Brother-in-law Art had one recently as well. Hope all were/will be good ones.

Catch you later...

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