Wednesday, September 17, 2008

my adventure into new territory

It's nice to continue to learn new things. I went with Bonnie on my first venture into a golf store. Who knew there were so many accessories to playing golf? While she headed in the direction of shoes and whatnot, I took a stroll. As I pondered a round little thing that looked like a level, the man at the counter let me know it's used to assess the slope between your ball and the hole. I saw fancy little divots for replanting the grass that gets kicked up when you hit the ball, complete with pictures on the back telling you what to do. And putters! I didn't realize they were such odd shapes! Different than putt-putt golf, let me tell you.

There are a variety of bags for carrying the clubs too. Check this out: "

If at anytime you lift your bag or move the golf cart and a club is missing, a warning light flashes and you will hear a "clicking" sound coming from your bag to let you know a club has been left behind.

Flashing red LED = Missing club:" (I put the quotation marks in because I did copy the picture and text).

Whether this particular model was at the store, I'm not sure, but they had a model similar in that it let you know if a club was missing from it's compartment. Whew, technology is right there in the golf world.

Then I saw these cute little puppets! There were dogs, rabbits, cats, and all kinds of little fuzzies. When I stuck my hand in one, well, as far as it would go, there was no access to move the critter's mouth. Looking closer at the display, I realized these were covers for the individual golf clubs. You could have a whole menagerie tagging along on the course.

I did actually learn a little something about the clubs. I asked Bonnie how you could tell which club did what. She explained that they are numbered, and the higher the number, the more of an angle on the club (either that, or the lower the number the more of an angle, I can't remember which but you get the idea). As you play and gain experience, you learn which one you use to get the ball the distance it needs to go.

It was an interesting shopping trip, and a quick look at a world I know little about. Lesson to be learned: you don't have to travel to far away places when you're on vacation to see and learn about things that are new and different to you. Sometimes you only have to go as far as the next shopping center.


everythingquilts said...

Does this mean you are considering taking up the sport of golfing? lol

Hip Hop said...

When will you stop fighting it and give in to your true calling to be a travel agent? Travelocity and Expedia have nothing on you. :.)

Anonymous said...

You had your choice and chance.think of who when what and where I am coming from and you will pick up on who I am