Sunday, September 21, 2008

Whew, I'm tired...

I've been mulling over thoughts on how to decorate my bedroom. What colors do I want, do I want to paint, how much do I want to spend, what accessories would look good and work well. You know the thoughts.

Yesterday I came across a garage sale, and lo and behold, a color scheme took shape. Not colors that were in my original thoughts, but as I looked at these drapes that were laid out, I began to see some possibilities. The drapes, along with pillow shams, were a so-so beige. What caught my eye was a bold print in black, white, gray, and tan. "Are those feathers in the design," I asked the lady. She said no, they were leaves. She went on to explain how there were two pieces of that print, they were actually scarves that drape over the top of the window treatment. Long scarves, as it turned out. As in 140" long, 50" wide. Each. When she said I could have it all for $10, I thought, why not.

My window is on a 10' wall, and it's got one of those half-circle tops. I was at a loss on how to drape it, until I laid out my new scarves. Floor to ceiling! I had plenty of material, all I had to do was get some sheers to go underneath. But Walmart's longest sheers are 84", not long enough to go the full length. Inspiration struck, and I got two sets of sheers, and sewed them together.

So, here I started out to make a simple little window treatment. As I took off the old window treatment, I noticed the caulking needed to be replaced. So I dragged out the tools, took off the old caulking, visited Home Depot, and proceeded to take care of that chore. Well, while I'm at it, the window sill looks like it could use a coat of paint. Now's the time to do it, before the cumbersome drapes are up there. At least I don't have to paint the whole room because it coordinates just fine. Still, it could use a little touch up here and there, especially since I caulked. Then I had to make the new sheers. And of course the huge ladder got hauled in so I could install the hardware next to the ceiling.

For all the effort in this project, I have a feeling these colors will be just wonderful. And truthfully, I am really pleased with how they came out. I still need to make the tiebacks, but here's a couple of pictures for your perusal.

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