Saturday, November 21, 2009

getting ready

That magical day is fast approaching, and I've got to be ready. Yes, retirement is around the corner. I've come a long way around the block, and almost to the home stretch. March 31, 2010 is my target date, and that will be here before I know it. So...

My plan when I bought my little Hyundai Tuscon almost 3 years ago was that I would trade it in about now, and start out fresh with a new vehicle. I didn't go with a brand new one, but last night I got a 2008 Toyota Highlander (check this link for a shameless plug for where my son works). Woo hoo! It's a bit roomier, the gas mileage should be comparable to the Tuscon, and will be a comfortable ride for my trip to Idaho next summer, as well as any other excursions I set out on. No pic today, maybe one of these days.

And, it will be able to pull a little travel trailer. My thoughts right now are that I might get a little trailer, and be part of the Sisters on the Fly community. You've got to check out the gallery of trailers that these women have. I've got my eyes open for a vintage trailer that's in pretty decent shape, and reasonably priced (meaning cheap!). Sherry, do you know of any in east Texas??? I've posted a notice at work looking for one, putting the word out. Nolene and Joe suggested I look at a dealership that sells small travel trailers with an eye towards a new one. There is something to be said for electricity and water. And, um, other amenities.


Hip Hop said...

oh boy...where to start...

I'd rather not think of my mother in law being "around the block" haha, but the sotf thing looks pretty cool. Weekends and summers only right? haha. Does it have to be a vintage one or would a good popup do? My Y group has them for sale all the time. You might also check the limits of your new suv before you find any deals. Those old airstreams were pretty heavy!

Sherry said...

I've heard of them (Sisters on the Fly) before. Sounds like FUN! I'll keep an eye out for vintage.

Look here though:


Also look at American Classifieds or Thrifty Nickel.


Be sure to holler when you come through here!