Saturday, November 28, 2009

another vacation is history

It's been a really good week, and I've loved being off. Not much longer, and being off will be the norm! I checked my work's email the other day, and it was a bit strange to read the internal posting about my position coming available. Sigh. But not strange enough to make me change my mind!

I got to keep this little cutie two days while her momma went to work. She got in a little quality Grams time. :) A lot of her quality time was spent sleeping, but that's okay.

And of course there was Thanksgiving (see previous post), and it's always nice when I can be with everyone.

I finished this quilt top for Ashlynn. I'm really pleased how it came together, and think she'll like it. I'll be tying it off for the finishing. This takes care of the older grandkids' quilts for Christmas, and for me, three quilts in 3 months is doing pretty good.

I mentioned in an earlier post about the Secret Santa Stocking Swap I'm in over on the HGTV quilting forum. I even got that boxed up and mailed yesterday! I know December will be busy, so better to get it out in plenty of time than to wait and fight the crowds at the post office. And since it will take a week or so to get there, I didn't worry about sending priority mail since it's plenty early.

Another birthday has come along as well. I don't think you'll ever see me complaining about that, I like to see them keep on coming. One of my presents was Julia Childs cookbook "Mastering the Art of French Cooking". Now when I issue an invitation, everyone will really be asking "what are you cooking" before they give an answer...

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Sherry said...

I know what you mean about leaving your job. When I left my job in Clute in preparation to move back here, business was in a downturn. Even with the company knowing that I would leave by the end of the year, I survived to layoffs. Then my boss came to me and asked for a date...they were going to have one more layoff. I cut my time by four months. Then passed out my duties and tried to train those who got them.

Good luck with that! One woman who got the bulk of my duties, would not sit down with me. She had three weeks before I left. She had time my last week. When I left for lunch one day, she complained to a co-worker that it was too much to learn in a few days. Co-worker asked, "Do you think that's why she's been trying to get you to sit down with her for the last two and a half weeks?"