Wednesday, April 14, 2010

time flies when you're having fun

Things have been steady around here. I know I haven't gotten bored yet.

I'm keeping Elise daily till the end of school when her dad is on summer break, and Rhett and Ashlynn on Mondays. They're also till the end of school when their mom is on summer break. Then I'll be on summer break! I'm enjoying this time to spend with the grandkids, and passing my influence on to them. ;)
Been getting a few things done around the yard too. Got the fence replaced after a couple of
really strong winds showed me just how bad it was needed. Then when that was done, David started putting in a planter along the back. He put in a retaining wall/planter last year for me, and I had some timbers left. I'll need to get about 5 more for it to be finished. I put out a lot of weed killer on the "lawn" about 10 days ago. It was pretty well overtaken with weeds. Now I need to see about getting some grass coming in.

I planted a few perennials, and Rhett helped me plant some seeds my secret sister had sent me. They've started sprouting, and it will be fun for the kids to see the growth each week when they come.

I was really pleased with myself yesterday because I painted the patio ceiling when Elise was taking her morning nap. I've been intending to do that for close to two years now, so I can finally cross it off my list. In some ways that list is getting shorter, but it still keeps growing. Guess that's just the way it is.

Finally getting back to some sewing, though I don't have a picture handy right now. I've made a start on my black/white quilt. I've been gathering fat quarters here and there, and secret sis sent me several in the last package, along with a quilting book that had a great pattern that used b/w's. If I get a pic tomorrow I'll edit this, but I'll have plenty of time. This won't go together overnight. There are 190 half square triangles, and I may have a third of them sewn. I can already see I'll have more shopping to do!

Guess that's it for now.

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