Thursday, December 2, 2010

secret sister revealed!

I've been a part of the Secret Sister swap on the HGTV quilting/sewing message boards for the past year.  This month was our "reveal", and we finally got to know for sure who our sis is.   I was glad to have my suspicions's Quiltygal in Kentucky!   She's been more than generous all year long, and so considerate...never late and paid attention to what I liked/wanted.   

Yesterday I checked the mail 2 or 3 times, thinking her package would arrive, but sigh, it didn't.  So about 6:00 in the evening I settled in for my evening snooze, er, resting time watching tv.  I heard a tap on the door, and lo and behold, I got mail!  UPS actually.  ;)      In the package was a nice little Christmas card introducing herself and enclosed was a picture of her and her hubby.   She also included a snowman tin with homemade cookies inside (yum!); a scrapbook-type recipe book for me to write my recipes and include photos and comments about the dish; and knowing how I like the little French chef kitchen accessories, a set of 4 dishtowels and a 7 piece set that includes pot holders and dishcloths as well as more towels.  Thanks Audrey, aka Quiltygal. 

On the flip side of this, the secret sister I sent to was dtigger!   Here are a few of the things I sent her over the year.  I couldn't post pictures earlier because she could have figured out my identity, but here they are.  Mainly I'll show the ones that have things I made in them.

Can you guess that dtigger is a fan of Tigger, from Winnie the Pooh?  On the right is a journal and the journal cover I made for her.   One of these days I'll make one for myself.  The Bon Appetit was a little kit I put together with a pattern and the fabrics to make it.

Since she likes dragons, one month I made a pillowcase and embroidered a little dragon on it.  I really like that one.  Who knew I'd be embroidering dragons???

And recently you saw my little oven witch with her dangly legs.  Well, dtigger got one of those too, along with some other Halloween goodies.
And, I made her one of the redwork Santa's that I've posted about.  Here's hers:

What's next on the agenda, after all this excitement?  Well, the Secret Santa Stocking Swap is in the works, and we'll be opening those on the 18th.   I'll keep you posted.  :) 

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