Thursday, July 7, 2011

10-minute blocks

Back in the 90's Mom sent me a sample block that was a three dimensional bow tie.  I came across it in my sewing cabinet a couple of months ago, and thought I still might do something with it someday.  I even thought about showing it on the HGTV quilting boards, and telling them how it was made...if I could ever figure out the directions since it's been so long since I made one.

I'm glad I held off on showing it on the message boards.  I read a post about ten-minute blocks that has apparently been on quite awhile, but I hadn't gotten around to opening it.  Lo and behold, it's the same block, just on a much larger scale.  This new version uses 10" square blocks, and the earlier version used 4" squares.  I liked the larger version, and after seeing the video explaining how they go together, I ordered the book by Suzanne McNeil.
 I decided to make mine as a wall hanging for my beach themed bathroom.  It might have turned out bigger but I only bought 1 1/2 yards of the main fabric not knowing what I'd do with it, and the Joann's where I bought it didn't have any more.  I could have traipsed around town to find it, but it's hot out there, and I just want to get something finished.    I picked up some backing fabric today, and it's now pinned together, so I've made some progress.   The room's rather small, so I didn't add borders.  The binding will be in one of the featured colors, and that should make it "pop" a bit.   With that said, here's my latest...the pieced top!

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