Sunday, July 17, 2011

birthday(s) time again

Yesterday we celebrated birthdays for Ashlynn and Lily.  Their birthdays are one day apart, and they did their main celebration last weekend, but yesterday was cake and ice cream at Grams house.  Happy birthday girls!

Lily turned 9, and Ashlynn turned 5.  Since they both like Hello Kitty,  I made each of them a cake so they could blow out their own candles.  The cakes turned out cute.  I did a google search for pictures of cakes, and they were a big help.
 Of course, Rhett and Elise were here too, so let's get a look at them.  Rhett enjoyed playing with the Ipad, and Elise was a big help in feeding her mom.
How quickly time goes by.  Next one up?  Elise turns 2 in September.  :)

Have a good week, and stay cool.

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