Friday, July 1, 2011

oh my goodness

Have you ever wondered how far a gallon of milk can splatter, say when dropped from the height of a dining room table to the floor below?  Wonder no more, I'm here to tell you it can go clear across the room, all the way up the front of the refrigerator, onto the upper cabinets, and to the sink.  This wasn't an experiment I conducted just because I was curious.  No, I'm not inclined that way.  I came in from the grocery store about 9:20 p.m., set the milk on the table, and as I turned around, ka-blam!  The milk's on it's way to the floor.  Good ol' Pollyanna that I am, I'm grateful that the cap hadn't been opened, but that really didn't matter too much since the plastic split upon impact.  Sigh.  At least the floor got mopped.

And no, there are no pictures of this enlightening event.  I was too busy grabbing towels to grab the camera.  I do have to say though that I'm surprised the neighbors sitting on their back patio didn't come knocking on my door about the commotion.  It's not often I let out a stream of blankety-blank-blanks, but there were a few that hit the air.

No cereal in the morning for me.

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Sherry said...


Back when I was still frying fish in the house... I poured up the cooled grease back in a Crisco can. As I turned, it slipped. I just about freaked and decided in a snap instant...a bent my knees and turned to the get as low as possible before losing total control and try to keep it "cornered." What a mess! Grabbed some old towels and sopped up what I could. Then got my mop and cleaned as well as possible. Poured boiling water through it several times. Got some not so bad towels and hand mopped. Then...bought a new mop. Hmmm...that may have been the last time I fried anything in the house except for an egg! ;-)