Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tap, swish, wiggle

After toying with the idea of getting an IPad 2, I finally got it Monday. I guess I was spurred on because Nolene got one, so by golly I had to as well!  I never had the original IPad, just was exposed to it at Elizabeth's house, but I sure do like it for playing Scrabble.

So Nolene and I have gotten together a couple of times now in this learning process. "How do I get rid of this page when I'm finished with it", or "how did you get it to do that", along with "hey, look at this!"

We've asked Elizabeth quite a few questions, and she's been shaking her head more than a few times. She realizes now why Apple has so many tutorials, and that there are those who actually benefit from them.

Did I need it? No. Will I play games on it? Yes. Am I glad I got it? Yes. Elizabeth gets to share her knowledge, David has played a game of Scrabble with me over the Internet connection (through a sheer fluke of luck he won because he came up with a 7-letter word right off the bat, and I seemed to be dealt a ton of vowels which we all know are one pointers), and I'm opening new learning passages in my brain, which I'm sure is a good thing. I'll probably only touch on a small bit of what it's capable of doing (the IPad, not my brain), but I'll enjoy the music, books, podcasts, games, access to internet, and whatever else I discover.

Here and there I've met a little confusion. In particular I was trying to do something on my laptop by tapping on the screen, or swooshing my finger across it. Nolene set me straight though, and reminded me I have to use the keyboard, not on-screen tapping. Sigh.

And, yes, this posting was done on my IPad. Well, most of it. Haven't figured out how to get pictures from the IPad photos to the blog without emailing to myself....but if there's a way maybe someone will be kind enough to share. :)

Happy trails everybody.


David said...
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David said...

You typed this whole thing on an ipad? You might want to erase this if you have any hopes of filing a claim for carpal tunnel to NRH!!

Oh...and I believe last night was just one of the many times I've beaten you in Scrabble. In fact I think YOU'VE only beaten ME once in the 7 or 8 times we've played. (not that I'm counting though)

elsie123 said...

David, David. Yes, you've won a few games here and there. Alright, maybe more than a few. But I expect that will even out with time. :)

Florida Farm Girl said...

iPads do seem to be the thing these days. Don't know if I'll ever have an interest in them. I know folks who have them and think they're the next best thing to sliced bread.

Anyway, have fun and learn lots of good stuff!!

Sherry said...

I think you need to delete David's post...just to full of himself. ;-)

I keep forgetting to mention, I have an ex-sister-in-law Nolene. It's not all that common a name so it always catches my eye.

My Kindle has Scrabble on it. I play against "Al" most of the time. I do not like him. He comes up with some really weird words. My SIL Carol said when she plays him (he's electronic, not real), she keeps her Scrabble dictionary handy because she doesn't believe some of the words. LOL Hasn't proven him wrong yet.