Saturday, May 12, 2012


One of Elise's favorite things to do is go to the park.  Friday we got out, ready to visit a new-to-me park that Elizabeth recommended.  The skies were overcast, but the air was nice and cool, just fine for playing.

After one misturn and a small detour, the park came into view.  As we approached, a fine mist landed on the windshield.  By the time I pulled to a stop, they were good size sprinkles.  Within seconds, it was a downpour.  Had it not been for the detour, we would have been soaking wet I'm sure.

Since no new pictures were forthcoming from this adventure, here's a previous park visit.

I have a couple more to add, and will try to slip them in later today.   Edited to say, for some reason I'm having a hard time getting my pictures from my phone to the computer.  May not happen.

Also I want to add a picture of a wall hanging I've completed for Angela.  I've mentioned it to her, so it's not a big surprise, but here it is.  She likes coffee a lot, so I thought of her when I saw this pattern.

Then I made this little sewing caddy the other day.  They go together really quick, and are convenient for keeping supplies together.  I'm sure they could be used for other crafts as well.  Thanks again Sherry for the class you taught on this.

Okay, maybe this posting is finished now.  Have a good weekend everyone!


Sherry said...

Detours are sometimes there for a purpose! Grandchildren and sewing...PERFECT day!

suz said...

I like the mocha wall hanging,and I'll bet Angela will be very plesed. Nicely done.

suz said...

Ooops! Meant to say she would be pleased.