Thursday, May 24, 2012

she did it!

My sister has e-published her book, Confessions of a Redneck Romeo!   Check out her blog about availability from Amazon, including a special offer.  I admit I'm partial, but I do think you'll enjoy it.

Been a bit busy this week, but found time to make a little dress for Elise.  I was given the fabric over a year ago from one of my quilting buddies, Linda, but just now got to it.  Good thing I didn't wait any longer, she's growing so fast.  Maybe she'll get a few weeks wear out of it!  ;)   She was so sweet when she told me "it's beautiful".  Awwww.  (she's sitting down in the picture, it's not as short as it looks)
I know I usually get a post out on Friday, but it's coming out a day early this week.  Have a good holiday weekend everyone...and thank a vet.

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suz said...

I love the dress you made for Elise. And yes, they can be so incredibly sweet. Don't you just love it. AND a great big Thank you for mentioning the book. You're a wonderful sister. - Karen