Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I did it

I took the plunge, and called AT&T to disconnect my U-Verse.  I had a quiet weekend, and got quite a bit done....mainly I cleaned out part of a closet and shred several years of bank statements that were beyond the retention schedule.

After a couple of days I was in conversation with Nolene, and she reminded me that I could always get a converter box and be able to watch my local stations.  Dancing With The Stars!  And Elizabeth mentioned that if I had the Blue  Ray/DVD player, I'd be able to get Netflix streamed in as well, which would give me a lot of TV series and Elise's beloved cartoons.  So, after about two seconds of thought, I went to Walmart and got a converter and the Blue Ray/DVD player.

I figured I'd have to call David to come over and help me get it all together, but lo and behold, I managed to hook them up myself.   I won't say how long it took me, but I got it done.  So proud of myself.  This morning came along, and while watching a move I started experiencing the same problem that I had with U-Verse.  Sigh.  Turns out its my TV after all.  While I thought it would go completely out all at once, I guess its on it's way out and shows it by playing sporadically. 

So now my mission is to do a bit of research, and get another television.  I stopped at Best Buy tonite to get some basic information.  I should be able to just plug in a new tv, and with an antenna be able to get my local stations.  I told the guy I want to keep it simple.   There was one plasma that looks pretty decent, so I'll check it out on the computer and read a bit more about it.  It's about 43", and I need to decide if that's too big.  I just don't want an itty bitty one.  After all, I "need" something big enough to see those dance moves, right? 

Wish me luck.  In the meantime, the quiet house isn't bad at all.


Sherry said...

Re: Question about Isabel's dress...her mother texted that it was received and is so cute.

I will see them Saturday - and then the grandsons on Sunday.

Ready for an exciting weekend full of love!

Florida Farm Girl said...

We finally bit the bullet and got a new flat screen TV back in April. Nothing wrong with the other one but DH kept complaining he couldn't see it well enough. Thankfully, we had a definite size limit due to where it would be put. I detest huge TV's that swallow a room but I know I'm in the minority with that opinion.