Friday, August 10, 2012

just a thought

I've been having trouble with my U-Verse service the last 2 or 3 months.  After several phone calls, all with very polite technical help, yesterday a service tech came to take a look.  He replaced the receiver box, and it worked fine while he was here....then a couple of hours later it started doing the same thing.  The screen just goes black, it all turns off.  Sigh.

Now here's my thought.  It actually hasn't been bad not having a television on.  Oh sure, I enjoy watching the Olympics, and Elise does like her cartoons, but on the whole, I think I could live without a tv.  I'm going to think about this a few days, but maybe I'll just take the plunge and have them disconnect the service entirely.  I'll  just get internet service only, and be done with it.

I can get news through the internet and various IPad apps, and possibly some tv shows.  I guess my biggest loss would be Dancing With the Stars.    And I know for a fact I get more done, more books read, when I'm not glued to the tv.  Plus there are dvd's I can watch, and they don't require assistance from satellite/cable/microfiber.  Decisions, decisions.

Anyone know of those who have disconnected from the big box in the living room?


Florida Farm Girl said...

There are times when I'd like to do that. The past two months, the only thing I've watched are the Olympics, CBS This Morning most days, and whatever baseball game or golf match DH has on. I could do without those for sure. It is all just a habit, just like the internet. We can get by just fine IF WE WANT TO.

Anonymous said...

Many times, I get so sick and tired of TV and have thought about turning off my cable. Just don't think life would be the same BUT I'm sure it is a habit I could do without. Not sure about the whole TV thing! LL