Thursday, June 6, 2013

boot scootin' tree skirt

I think I've mentioned that back in January I decided to make a Christmas tree skirt for Robert and Angela.  I wanted to have plenty of time to get it finished so they can use it this year.  I'm pleased to say "it's done!"   Also, to give proper credit, that pattern was designed by EvelynB on the HGTV quilting/sewing forum, and she graciously gave her blessing for me to use it.  Thanks Evelyn!

I sent it to be quilted by my friend Ty Sonnamker, and upon its return came the hardest part of the whole project...making the slash into the center and cutting the hole so it  can wrap around a tree.  I was telling myself it sure would make a nice table topper, or maybe even a wall hanging, but I stuck with my original intentions, took a deep breath, and started cutting.  One video I saw on YouTube used a small paper plate (dessert size) for the center hole.  That's what I did, though I think using a CD might have worked out even better.  It finished out at approximately 48"x48".

That's it for now, catch you later...


Holee said...

I don't usually like too many things but that I LOVE! Not the usual classless holiday colors and very different! Way to go..awesome

suz said...

I do like this. It has individual character and style. I'm sure they'll love it. - Karen