Saturday, June 19, 2010

Elsie's great adventure...still

We had a nice stop-over in Boise, and Carl was able to get some of his honey-do list done.  He mowed the lawn, got his hair cut, helped me find a couple of caches so I could drop off Nolene's travel bug Sabrina.  I got the oil changed in the car, and picked up a few t-shirts for my vacation quilt that's in the works.  Oh, and we helped Billie put together a jigsaw puzzle of Mt. Rushmore.  (She did the biggest part, but I'll still take a bit of credit!)

As we started back out on the great adventure, we included a swing by the Shoshone Falls, just a few hours from Boise.  Carl said the water was low, but it was still impressive.  No doubt about it, anywhere you go in this great country you'll find lots of natural beauty.

From there we headed on down the road to the Moab Arches National Park.  Well, we did stop for a cache but that was a nice surprise...because of it we entered Moab through a scenic route.  All along the way there were turnouts on the road so we could take pictures...many every bit as impressive as those in the park.  Makes sense, doesn't it?  I mean, it's not like boundaries are drawn for the park and it's all-inclusive of the grandeur.  These next pictures were inside the park.

Oh, and I picked up a Moab bandana for my vacation quilt at Moab.  Starting to get a nice collection.  I may have to do some scouting around for Mt. Rushmore since the quilt idea hadn't gelled when we visited there.
From Moab we headed to the Grand Canyon.    On the drive to the East entrance, we pulled into a scenic overlook that was actually run by an Indian tribe...I think the Navajo.  They had vendors selling jewelry and pottery, and you walked through them to get to the view.   And what a view!  The rails were stable enough, but I made sure to watch my step and not slip on the loose rock.  It was a simple railing and the underside was open.  When you look over the side, its an immediate drop off.  My first taste of the magnitude of what I'd be seeing.

I'm sorry to say, before very long the height or depth started to get to me.  I found I couldn't look for a great length of time.  And seeing how some people would step out on the rocks a bit, on the other side of the railing...well, suffice it to say they were far braver than I. It was definitely a worthy destination, but I think I liked the Moab Arches better.  And yes, I got a Grand Canyon bandana too.

We've moved on to Gallup, New Mexico, our stop for the night.  We went in to town for supper, and stopped at a local restaurant, Earl's, located on the historic Route 66.  We figured all the cars and pickup trucks in the parking lot were a good indication of the quality of food, and it was.  The place was packed, it had a wide variety of food, and tasted really good.  In fact, I'd say it could easily be a feature on Guy Fieti's Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on the Food Network. 

That's it for now.  Almost able to slide into home base, and the great adventure is winding down.

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