Sunday, June 13, 2010

On down the road

I think my last posting was Nebraska.  I enjoyed Nebraska, but sorry to say it has the memory that caused the most hurt.  As we were packing up to leave the KOA site in Grand Island, I drained the ice chest.  In the process, I ducked around to the side of the porch to make sure it was positioned right, and I raised my head up and hit the corner flashing.  Came pretty close to saying some not so pretty words, let me tell you.  I didn't have the presence of mind to reach for the camera, or I would show you a picture of one of my hairs blowing in the breeze while attached to that flashing.  Anyway, I've got one little souvenier of Nebraska that if I ever shave or lose my hair will be visible forever, I'm sure.

Going across Nebraska, I thought of my friend Keith and had to text him that we were passing through Keith County.  One of the roadside signs mentioned Boot Hill at the next exit, so we took off to see it.  This is in Ogallala.   The commemorative marker said mostly they were the "bad guys".

The next day was a long one driving, so no geocaches.  We made it into South Dakota, and got to see Mt. Rushmore.  Seeing it up close and in person really makes one appreciate the efforts that went into the finished sculpture.  And I didn't realize that it came about because a politician on the state level wanted to have an attraction to bring people to the state, along with their money.  When you think about the dangers these workers faced, without all the safety regulations and modern machinery in place today, it's a wonder.

We also took a walk around Keystone while waiting on the 1880's train.  A tourist town for sure, but in a pretty setting.

The 1880's train was a really nice scenic ride.  And the price couldn't be beat at $22 for the 3 hour excursion.  I think the grandkids would get a kick out of it, but don't know how well they'd handle the drive to get up here.  Maybe in a couple of years.   I thought it interesting that the attendants on the train also worked the snack stand at the half-way point.  No idle time for them!

While in a train station gift shop, I picked up a bandana with the name of the train ride.  I've decided to make a vacation quilt with squares representing different spots along the way.  Unfortunately, I didn't get anything with Mt. Rushmore on it.  It's doubtful I'll see anything now, since I'm on down the road, but I may find something on-line that will work.

From South Dakota we headed up to the Devil's Tower in Wyoming.  I'd never really heard about it, but I'm so glad we went.  The countryside is beautiful, and a sight to see.  Well worth the drive.  I have to wonder how people live up here in the winter, but I'm sure they're suited for it.

The KOA we stayed in for the Devil's Tower was an older one, but one of the most picturesque.  The cabins were spaced well apart, and we had a small stream running just a short distance away.  On the other side the deer would be grazing.  When I made my nightly jaunt to the restroom (2:30 in the morning), I knew I wanted to drive the short distance.  We were definitely in a natural setting, and who knew what might be out and about.   Sure enough, as I turned on the car to return to the cabin, and the lights flashed into the open area, there were 2 deer just a stone's throw away.  Fantastic.

Guess that's it for now.  We'll say this is "to be continued"!

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Elizabeth said...

Can't they take photographs and put them on t-shirts or fabric? Since you didn't get anything from Mt Rushmore to put in your quilt, maybe you could get a picture put onto some fabric and use that? Just an idea.
Sorry you hit your head! Just one of those 'bumps' in the road! I will leave the wisecracks about what a bump to your noggin will do to your mental state for other family members to comment on :)