Thursday, June 10, 2010

it's the journey...

I recently embarked on a journey with my brother Carl.  Thought I'd share a few things about the trip.  This is a stop and see whatever we want to see on the way to our destination type trip.  And we have done some stopping!

We stopped in Addington, OK, where there were some really neat wood carvings on display outside an antique store.  It's a good thing they were too big for the car...they were priced from $1800-2400.

We're incorporating some geocaching into the trip, and found a couple of caches in Hennessey, OK.  I couldn't find my handheld GPS early in the day, but it showed up in time for the hunt.  There were a couple we couldn't find, one because I had sandals on and didn't want to step off the beaten path, and one because of muggles.  I've mentioned this before, I'm sure, but as a refresher, muggles are people who could be watching you find the geocache not knowing what the sport entails.   We don't want them messing with the caches.

We're staying in KOA's along the way.  I was really impressed with Wellington, KS.  We had bath and shower in the cabin!   Most of the KOAs cabins are situated close to bath and shower facilities, so it's not bad, but in-house was nice.  The weather came through while we were sleeping, and it romped and stomped.  Thought I heard hail, but didn't see damage on my car. We left early in the morning, and only left the food in the refrigerator and a lamp we took along.  They were nice to call about it, but we were too far along to go back so told them to do with it as they will.

Those Kansas wheat fields are spectacular...and so many of them.  Sure makes you aware of "the amber waves of grain"  in God Bless America.

As we drove along, we noticed some of the big wind turbines in the distance.  When we got closer, we took off down the nice dirt road about a mile or so, and got a closer look.  So peaceful...a horse grazing in a pasture, and nothing but the breeze in the wheat. 

Once nice thing about geocaching is that it gives you a reason to get off the beaten path and see some small little towns with a lot of charm.  Belvedere, NE is one of them.   We picked up a cache outside the 49er Museum, one in a nice little park, and the last in a local cemetery.  As I commented when I logged the cemetery find, I would imagine that Rosa Schulte had no idea she'd get so many visitors over a hundred years later.
That's it for now.  I'll add more later.

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Sherry said...

"Embark on a journey with my brother..." shudder ;o) Out of the three I have, that would work with one of them. One of mine doesn't have time for his family...he's all into his wife's family. The 2nd... one of us would stash the body of whichever one got overpowered...I would come out the winner 'cause I'd get him in his sleep. bwahahaha With the 3rd one...we get along.

So glad you had fun! And weren't in a'd be broke now!