Monday, January 9, 2012

what the new year brings

I've been bitten by that organization bug.  I know it goes with this time of year, and in fact it bit a month early, but I've got to say it feels good to let things go.

I've had a tv on top of my dresser in the bedroom since I moved in here over 3 1/2 years ago.  And I don't have active connections in there, so it really was a dust catcher.  I'm proud to be able to speak in the past tense, because David loaded it into the back of my car a couple of weeks ago, and it has been delivered to the local Salvation Army store.  It's amazing how much "lighter" the room feels.

This weekend I tackled the guest room closet.  I've had a box of Christmas ornaments tucked away in there since I moved in, and they hadn't been used for several years before that.  I pulled the box down, and sorted through them, designating them to either Robert or Elizabeth, tossing, or going in the donation sack.  We're not talking major heirlooms here, just little things that might have meaning to the kids (or not).  There were 3 ornaments from my childhood that I kept out, along with one or two others, that I might come up with some way to display them next year.  Much simpler than a cumbersome tree. 

This Wednesday a charitable organization will be picking up my donations.  I get calls regularly from 2 or 3 of these, and am usually able to come up with a sack or two.  Nice to see some space opening up here and there.

And, with the new year I have plans of eating out less.  That of course means cooking more.  I figure it will overall be healthier, depending of course on what I fix.  Yesterday I cooked country style ribs, which came out really well.  Then today, I took the left over ribs and incorporated them with some hamburger meat into 2 Alarm chili.  Using the chili in frito pie at lunch was great.  I may end up freezing one or two meals of the chili, but with the weather being cooler this week, maybe not.

On to other things, can you believe how crazy the gas prices are?  A week ago, I saw $3.05 on QT's big sign.  Overnight it went up to $3.15.  Today I saw it was at $3.25.

Better get around.  Have a good week!

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