Thursday, July 17, 2008

busy, busy, busy

Okay. Far be it from me to actually finish one project before starting another. No, that would be too orderly, wouldn't it? So here's the latest. I've ordered my flooring (a nice distressed oak), and Billy Paul will start the prep work for installation this weekend. Naturally I want the living room to have a fresh coat of paint before the new floor goes in, so guess what I've been doing each night after work this week. That's right. I've started in on priming the walls, and also on painting. I'm continuing the pumpkin butter color that I auditioned in the guest room, and think it will do quite nicely. If I let myself jump ahead, I'd like to paint the hallway too, but we'll see. They do make dropcloths for a reason, so if it's on down the way, that's alright. Anyway, here are some pics. I'll throw in one when I moved in (excuse the mess) so you can see a "before". It was fine, but I guess you can say I'm making it my own. Stay tuned to see the "finished" version.

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