Sunday, July 27, 2008

This phase is done

The floor installation is now complete, with the exception of the baseboards. I'll get those picked out, and David will bring his trusty nail gun to tackle that project. Or I guess I should say, nail that project down.

Robert lent his muscles to the project as well. He was able to re-set the toilet in the front bath for me, and brought the washer and dryer back in. I'm on my 3rd load of wash as I type, with another one or two to go. It's been awhile since I've been without my w/d, and plan on it being a long while before that happens again.

Since the dust has pretty well settled, I was able to have Rhett and Ashlynn over while Mom and Dad went to lunch. I even got them to pose for a picture.

And remember that infamous black hole that was taking all my "stuff"? Well, I guess it managed to spit some of it back out. My drill bit has shown up, as has the tylenol and blue masking tape. On top of that, my GPS has worked it's way back to the surface. I hadn't been able to find it since the move, but it's back. Yea!

Life is good.

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