Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Not finished yet, but we're in progress on the floors...and what progress! It's looking good. Still lots of dust flying, but it will settle soon.

I have discovered that I have a black hole somewhere around here. I must have, for things keep falling in it and I can't find them. My drill bit I was using just the other day? Gone. A bottle of Tylenol? Gone. And my blue masking tape for painting just up and disappeared. It had to have fallen in that hole, because it practically shouts at you when its laying around.

In the midst of this, I'm starting still another project, but this one uses a different part of my brain and body. A couple of years ago I made the Texas Two Step quilt as a wall hanging for myself, then another one for John and Bonnie. Now I'm gathering bits and pieces of material for a California wall hanging since Bonnie moved their Texas to the family room, and now has a blank wall to fill. It will probably have a couple of hundred 2 1/2" squares, as well as some personalized pieces we'll be inserting. I cut quite a few squares on my lunch hour yesterday, and like to keep it where the same print is only used 2 or 3 times. Most of the prints are florals, and takes just scraps really, but I like to throw in a few things pertaining to the area. I've got some grapes cut for the wine country, some brown and tans for the desert, symbols for a few military bases, and will probably put in a Mickey Mouse in the Disneyland area. It will be awhile before its far enough to show a picture, but I'm glad to have my mind be able to shift gears into a different thought pattern.


Holee said...

The floors look great with the yellow paint..love the paint color!

Sherry said...

I don't envy your remodeling, but do so love what you are doing! And I don't know how you are contemplating making a quilt with all that is going on! You are a better woman than me...;0)

Hip Hop said...

Was that a bottle of tylenol from this decade, or from the 60's like your gauze?