Monday, November 3, 2008

Mansfield Writes

I went to a program Saturday put on by the Friends of the Library here in Mansfield, called "Mansfield Writes". There was a panel of 10 published authors, representing a variety of genres, and they each spoke for a few minutes, covering a variety of topics.

Some of the topics? Writing under more than one name, failing your way to success, writing in multiple genres, the heady life of a writer, and finding your voice.

Here's a listing of the authors:

Celya Bowers/Kennedy Shaw, romantic suspense
Juliet Burns, romance
Rachel Caine, vampires
Angela Cavener, paranormal suspense
Carole Nelson Douglas, mysteries
P. N. Elrod, vampires
James Ward Lee, Texas subjects
Janis Susan May, romance and other genres
Laurie Moore, mysteries
Martha Moore, children's books

They're in the Fort Worth/Mansfield/Dallas area, so these are local people who "made good". The audience filled the room to overflowing, so for each one who's made it, there are plenty ready to step up and join them.

Our library is one more reason I'm glad I moved to Mansfield.

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