Saturday, November 22, 2008

wild and free

I started this Fractured Flag pattern several years ago. The first one I did was shortly after 9/11, and I gave it to Robert. Then I made the second flag, probably about a year later, and it's been a UFO ever since. The other night when the Bunco ladies were over, I showed a couple of them my sewing room. While I was seeing stacks of this and that and mentioning my mess, Glenda and Linda saw it on my design board and really liked it. I think I had quit "seeing" it because I'd had it up there so long. Anyway, their enthusiasm spurred me on to finishing the top.

I was in a red, white, and blue strip swap (get your thoughts up out of that gutter, I'm talking about the squares with the strips of fabric!) a couple of years ago, and had in the back of my mind that I wanted to combine them with the flag in some form or fashion. This is the result. Once it's quilted, the binding will be the same darker blue that separates the flag from the strips.

Meet Wild and Free:


Elizabeth said...

You've been working on that forever!!! Glad to see you are finishing it up.

Anonymous said...

What a quilt---it is amazing that you got all this completed since BUNCO! It would have taken me forever!LL