Saturday, November 22, 2008


I've got to learn a bit more about this blogging business. This morning I posted about my latest quilting project, the one named "Wild and Free". I think it's pretty descriptive, and apt. However, maybe I should have thought it through a bit more before heading up my posting with the title. I looked at my little world map, and going into it I see that I've had visits from Austria, Singapore, Sweden, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Spain, and Germany. Far more than my usual list of visitor countries (it doesn't show who is from where, just the location). Do you think a few were surprised to see Elsie as a quilting grams?


everythingquilts said...

I had to laugh! It's a shame that it takes something like that to get some peoples attention. Goes to show what the world is coming to. Now a title like I finished another quilt would have got my attention very quick, but the OOPS title worked too.

Hedgie said...

One of the things about being on the internet is that you never know quite who's going to show up and why. I have Statcounter on both my blogs, and, not only does it tell me how many people have visited my blogs, but it gives me other information, including where someone who visited came from, that is, from what website; when someone's located my bogs through a google or other search engine search, statcounter tells you what search engine and what search terms they used. You'll find all sorts of odd terms will lead to your blog. Both my blogs are primarily poetry blogs, but I've gotten some odd search terms leading there; the weirdest was "Did mice nest in Victorian women's hair?" I have no idea what I posted that led to that search turning up my blog, but it did. It does tend to make you cautious about how you word things, though.

My ex-wife was for a number of years a quasi-quilter; she designed any number of quilts and cut out thousands of cloth pieces of varying shapes, but just never quite got around to putting anything much together. So we lived for years amidst piles of cloth. At least now I can move my elbow without knocking over a stack of lavender hexagons.